My Pooky Spoto

Spoto was born on July 13th, 1991 in my house in Maine. I was 18. She was the "plump" little gray one in the litter. She became my traveling cat. Spoto came with me to college in Massachusetts and then she lived in New York with her sister, mother and our other pets while I went to California to finish college. She was very calm riding in the car, curled up on the back seat. She loved to sit in my lap when I was on the computer. She was my little buddy and we went through a lot together through the years. She loved sitting outside the back door at my apartment in Ballston Spa. The big change in our lives was moving in with my boyfriend (now husband) and three cats, then adding dogs to the family. Spoto was not a fan of dogs. First came Quinlin, then two years later we brought Quinlin's sister Bonnie into our home. Spoto stayed up high away from the dogs, but she still made sure to lay on my lap in a chair or on my side while I slept. I use to snap my fingers when in bed and she would come running. Spoto was the best cat I could have ever asked for and she lived a full life. She would have been 18 this coming July, but she passed away on Monday February 9th. She will always be in my heart.

by Darlina Jones