How Chewy Found Us

Every Halloween, we sit out in the driveway with blankets and chairs and pass candy out to all the kids. This last Halloween, we heard a tiny meowing sound and a little gray cat came running out of the darkness and right up our driveway to us. She looked very hungry and thin and we realized she was a stray or had been abandoned. We fed her a can of food, and when we went inside for the night, she followed us right in the door! Our two cats weren't too pleased with our new guest, but she didn't care and made herself at home. We treated her for fleas just as a precaution, and she climbed right in our bed and went to sleep. We think it was the first warm night she had in a long time.

We called the animal rescue and reported finding her. We waited a couple of weeks, but sure enough, she had been abandoned, because no one ever claimed her. We decided the right thing to do would be to adopt her, and so we did. She had a respiratory infection and was very underweight. We gave her medication and fed her well, and now she is healthy and VERY happy. She is very playful & seems grateful for every day. The other kitties decided she's okay after all, and they all chase each other around the house.

One funny thing: We tried to come up with some sort of witty Halloween related name for her, since she wandered in on that night, but no one name seemed to ever stick. But we did discover that she likes to chew EVERYTHING, paper, cardboard, your fingers, you name it. Maybe from being hungry for so long! So we jokingly called her Chewy, and wouldn't you know it, the name stuck.

Here are two pictures of Chewy. One lying in the cat stroller (Yes, we take our cats for walks in a stroller!). The other is her relaxing on the very first night she found us. When I look at these pictures, I think she is feeling relieved to finally be safe.

by Laura Manville