Our Spoiled Dolly

Dolly is our kitten that we adopted last September. We already had one cat, Muddy and the two get along great. They do everything together, eat, play and sleep. Dolly is incredibly smart and also very cute. She'll fetch too! If you take any small object, a pet toy or even a plastic bottle cap, and throw it down the hall, she'll race to go get it and will bring it back to you and drop it at your feet, just like a dog would. She's very demanding and if you go into a room and close the door, she sits at the door and cries until you open it again, not wanting to be left out of whatever is going on behind the closed door. We have trained her to "speak" for her food each day, and her meow makes it sound like she's saying "Yeah". We'll say: "Dolly, do you want to eat?" And she'll meow: "Yeah...." She's very playful and loves to interact with us. She loves to be near the warmth of the fireplace, so we recently bought her a heated kitty bed. Sometimes we close her out of the bedroom at night so she doesn't get too playful while we are trying to sleep, and in the morning when she hears us talking, she tries to get in by whatever means possible. She'll cry, and when that doesn't work, she'll stand up and wiggle the door knob trying to open the door. She's very spoiled, but we love her like crazy.

by Laura Manville