Hide And Seek With Patches

When I was in my teens I had a dog named Patches. I used to play hide and seek with her. Sometimes I would to take her to the back yard of some rich people that lived near us. Their yard was probably 10 acres of very high grass in the summer. I'd tell my dog to stay and then I'd run off in the grass and hide. After I was laying down and still I'd whistle for her and she'd run through the grass looking for me. Sometimes she found me fast, sometimes I'd have to whistle a few times.Most often I'd play in our yard. Sometimes I'd climb a tree and sometimes I'd hide in the car but I would try to make it hard. Again she always found me. I noticed a pattern. She would run to the places I hid most but if she didn't find me she would then use her nose. That always worked. Once I dragged my coat in a pattern across the yard and then climbed a tree. When I called her she came running out and put her nose right on the trail and ran right along the pattern I made right to the tree. She was a smart dog. Below is a map showing The rich guy's place. His house is a replica of George Washington's Mansion on Mount Vernon. Our house is at the bottom right corner.

by Roy Frazee